Travelling with your e cig – planes, trains and automobiles

Travelling with your e cig

I’m old enough to remember the days when you’d be barely able to see the bus driver for the dense smoke filling the inside of the bus you were on. You might never have been a smoker yet smell like one, just because you took public transport. It seems mad to think of it now.

Whether on the bus, in a restaurant or on a plane, smokers were free to do so as they wished. Those days are long gone, but now vaping has changed everything … but for how long?

There is a lot more freedom for vapers compared to smokers when travelling with your e cig. Strict regulations force smokers to go outside, often in the cold, wind or rain (often all three in Ireland!) to light up their cigarettes. By comparison, vapers often enjoy being able to vape indoors as there are no laws prohibiting it.  However, there being no laws in place does not stop companies from placing their own policies, an option many travel companies are opting for.

Vaping and travelling

Public Transport – At the mercy of The Man

Unfortunately, Irish companies have clamped down on e cigarette use while on public transport. Irish Rail and all bus services have banned vaping.  As this is for the use of e cigarettes only, you can still carry them in your bags for transport.

Air Travel – flying with your e cigarette

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) announced that vaping is prohibited in Dublin Airport. The DAA claim that e cigarettes fall under the current policy of no smoking in the airport, but that they will keep this position under review. However, there are designated smoking areas that can be used throughout the airport.

Heathrow airport is the first airport to open a vaping lounge, which can be found in Terminal 4. Most travellers appear to be supportive of the lounge. A survey by found 57 percent of people would not object to other airports following Heathrow’s lead. However, to little surprise,  more smokers than non-smokers were in favor of the lounge. However, half of the non-smokers surveyed were in favour.

As these policies are for the airports, they do not extend to the individual airlines. Ryanair does not permit the use of your own e cigarette inflight but you can purchase and use ‘smokeless’ cigarettes (which are electronic) on board. How very Ryanair – always looking for those ancillary revenues! I haven’t tried one of these yet, but I’d have my fears.

It is best to check with the airline you are travelling with before your flight regarding their policy on inflight vaping.

Driving – your car, your rules!

E cigarettes easily trump regular cigarettes when it comes to travelling. There are plenty of reasons why it’s preferable to vape than smoke tobacco in your car. There will be no full on-board ashtray that may or may not fall over at anytime, covering you in filth. You won’t be stuck in a small moving box for hours that smells like death. And when disposing of your cigarette, be honest, you would probably just throw it out the window – am I right? Poor environment.

With e cigarettes, all the hassle is taken away as there is no ash, you can choose the smell you want (or none at all) and, for the love of God, do not throw it away! If you are in the car with your friends it makes it all the more pleasant. But if you aren’t the one driving, you may want to ask the driver’s permission before vaping.

Checklist of E Cig Travelling Supplies 

  • Cartomizer– These are the devices that hold the e juice. Be sure to bring enough cartomizers to last the duration of your trip. Depending on the frequency at which you vape, pack accordingly for your trip – time for some calculations, sorry for the math! Or alternatively, just bring the bottles of e juice.
  • Batteries – Best to bring 2 batteries – one to use while the other is charging.
  • Charger – Remember to pack a charger. E cigarettes don’t run on solar power … yet ;). There are multiple kinds of chargers: USB, car adaptor, regular wall charger, and Personal Charging Cases (PCC). Pick the ones you would most likely use depending on your trip. Car charger for road trips, for example. Ultimately, we will shortly have the Wicked e-tech pen that doesn’t require charging at all. It’s going to be great! Find out more and Book your Wicked e-tech vaping pen here.


If you are looking for some great e cigarettes and top quality e juice then why not check out our Wicked range? We diligently master craft each e juice for it to be the best it can be. Bring a piece of home with you on your travels.

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