How to quit smoking and start vaping

 quit smoking start vaping


So you’ve decided to quit smoking.

Congratulations! What a great decision. But there’s one problem – you have no idea where to start vaping or what to buy. When I myself decided to quit in 2009 I tried everything, and I mean everything.

My quit list is long and ruthless. It includes gums, patches, books on hypnosis and books on CBT. I have been to events in hotels hosted by uninformed, rude representatives who guarantee success, only to find their 23 attendees in the bar 10 minutes later smoking and searching for their money back guarantees.

The list doesn’t stop there. There was a brief encounter with lasers. There were needles stuck in places needles should never be stuck. Every manner of medication and pill was tried and even my weak will power was put to the test.


Finally kicking the habit


Suffice to say, nothing worked. Nothing, that is, until I tried vaping. You should know by now that I even went to the trouble of making my own e-juices and setting up my own e-cig company.

Vaping is by far the most successful form of quitting cigarettes I have ever found and trust me, as a 25 year long smoker, I know. When I started out, there wasn’t much choice on the market, just your small, cigarette look-a-like device that had little flavour (and to be honest probably little or no Nicotine).



Choosing your E Juice strength

choosing e-juice strength









I myself used to smoke a light cigarette and today I vape with the 12mg in Wicked Sapphire flavour and it works perfectly for me. Wicked e-juice has 5 strengths available for you to choose from, most of which start out at 18mg. Shortly, I plan to move to a reduced level of 6mg, and in time to a nicotine-free e-juice.

Some of my friends who have smoked really strong cigarette brands vape with a 24mg and they seem very happy indeed. It all depends on the cigarette and the amount you smoke.

If you are unsure about the level you should start out with, you can refer to our strength chart on our website If you are still in any doubt, I recommend you begin at 12mg and then go from there.

Choosing your vaping pen

You will also need an e-cigarette or a vaping pen. There are literally 1000’s on the market. We provide a very affordable starter kit which is great for those new to the world of vaping.


How vaping will save money and your health

how to quit smoking and start vaping


Many of my customers order online every week. They spend roughly €10 a week on e-juice and another €15 a month on replacement parts, such as coils and heads.

My new year’s resolution this year is to start running; something I have always wanted to do but never had the will or the fitness. At one stage the thought of running  100 yards frightened me, but certainly not now. These days the prospect of running five miles is something I can consider without fearing a heart attack. Now I feel great; life is easier and work is more rewarding. My whole outlook on life has changed for the better.

Want to start vaping?

If you want to start vaping today why not have a look at Wicked e-juice’s range of quality, Irish made e-juice flavours and e-pens. We’ve been in the business since the start of vaping so if you need any help just ask.

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