Robert Gardner & Airi

Eight years ago Robert set up a tobacconist shop in his native Limerick with his business partner Airi. Although neither of them smoked they recognised the need for an emporium for tobacco and associated products. Then three years ago, they witnessed the increasing popularity of vaping products as people switched from smoking tobacco to vaping ejuice.

Initially Robert sourced the ejuice from abroad, in particular from China, where vaping was first invented. However, the quality and consistency of the juice caused him problems.

‘We found initially we could not guarantee availability of the same products on a month by month basis,’ says Robert. ‘This proved exasperating for our regular customers especially once they liked a certain brand. However, of more concern was the actual content in the juice. Increasingly European regulations are ensuring vaping juice is safe and free of toxins, but these regulations are not necessarily supported by Asian countries.’

The answer for Robert was to find a supplier of quality product locally in Ireland. He did due diligence with a number of different suppliers and selected Liquid Solutions in Waterford, manufacturer of the Wicked E Juice brand of products.

‘I have visited the factory in Waterford and seen first-hand the GMP manufacturing processes in action,’ says Robert. ‘Their classification and datasheets are all up to date and the testing results are also available. I am confident that Liquid Solutions is compliant. This is vital as we pass the May deadline after which any product not meeting exacting EU standards will be taken off the shelves. I am not risking my business by buying non-complaint product.’

Robert is ex-Army and he appreciates quality, precision and adherence to standards – all of which are met by Liquid Solutions.

Since moving towards stocking vaping juice three years ago, Robert has opened two new vaping shops; one in Tralee and one in Killarney. These have proven very popular and rely on Wicked E juice as a core product.

‘Liquid Solutions is only a phone call or car drive away,’ says Robert. ‘I can trust the product and the people. That means a lot to me.’

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