Bandon Vape Shop celebrates three years

The Bandon Vape shop is now celebrating its third successful year. Run by local Cork woman Edel O’Regan, the shop is in Riverside Shopping Centre and is well known by locals.


Edel, formerly worked in hospitality, and switched from smoking a few years before that. In her waitress job she interacted with many people and found increasingly she was encouraging others to look at vaping as an alternative to smoking.

‘It was almost at the stage that I was selling vaping for other people – so I decided to do something for myself instead,’ says Edel. This was a big move from being a PAYE employee to running her own business, but she powered on regardless.

In terms of finding vaping stock, Edel chose an Irish manufacturer of Vape Juice, Liquid Solutions, stockists of the well-known Wicked e Juice brand.

‘I had vaped their products and really liked them,’ says Edel. ‘They also have a wide range of juices both for vaping and dripping so it was easy enough to stock my entire shop from their range of juices.’

Edel keeps a book on her counter and encourages happy customers to make comments and remarks about their experiences.

‘I believe in my product and vaping,’ says Edel. ‘In fact, I could not do this unless I was hundred percent committed to both the industry and the juice I sell. I am in better health than when I was smoking and my coughs and tiredness are both gone. For me, vaping is a gift.



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