Aine Cullen, Quick Pick, Gowran, Kilkenny

Aine Cullen has run the busy Quick Pick shop in Gowran in Kilkenny for the past eleven years. Located in the centre of the village she caters for local customers as well as visitors.

Last year she started stocking an American brand of e-cigarette. The product itself was popular with her clientele but shortly after she established a regular trade, the distributor went out of business and stopped calling. Aine was left with customers who wanted product but she was unable to provide any e-cigarettes.

‘This was very frustrating,’ says Aine. ‘My customers liked the product but I could not provide it.’

Then two months ago she was approached by Liquid Solutions which offered her an opportunity to stock Irish-made product. At first Aine was sceptical. ‘I had been burnt by the first distributor. When he didn’t return I had some very unhappy customers,’ she explained.

However, Aine was reassured by a number of elements. The first is that Liquid Solutions manufacturing plant is based in neighbouring county of Waterford.  The second is that all products are compliant with upcoming TBD directives.  And the third is that her customers really enjoy the Wicked E Juice product.

Despite only taking a small number of samples originally, Aine found she had to order in more very quickly. ‘My customers tried the product and liked it,’ she explains. ‘The first order I put in was in direct response to customers. When customers ask you to order product then you know it has to be good.’

Aine’s shop is located at…


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